5 Things Worth Saving For Under the Sun

There are many things to do every summer. Some are great to do in the spur of the moment, others take a little planning, and then there are things worth saving for. I want to share some of the summer things that our family thinks is worth saving for.

Things Worth Saving Up For

1. Membership to a Museum

Not every summer day is a day that you will be able to spend outside under the sun. Some days that darn sun is just too hot, and then are times where it rains for days on end. On those days you will need an alternative to outdoor play. Science museums and children’s museums are an awesome alternative to the crowded play places at the malls and local fast food restaurants. You can explore new concepts, and there are plenty that offer hands on exhibits that find a way to enthrall even the youngest of participants.

2. Camping Trip

Now here is an activity that I have many sweet memories of from growing up. This is something I want to be able to share with my kids and create a lifetime of memories for them in the process. In fact we bought our first tent as a family this last weekend. My oldest has spent the last few days talking about camping. As cute side note we asked her where she wanted to go camping and she replied, “Abalama.” (Alabama for those of you scratching your heads.)

3. Amusement Park

This is something on my I want to do with my kids someday list. I want to take them to Cedar Point and Disney World someday. I put this on the list because I know that saving up for either of those or both would put the biggest smiles on my girls’ faces, and I hope it would do the same for your kids.

4. Visiting Out of State Friends and/or Family

Visiting friends and family out-of-state or even just across the state can be a wonderful change of pace. Even when you do many of the same things on your trip that you would do at home, you can come away recharged. All because you shook things up, were in a new environment and visiting loved ones you do not see often. I know from experience that even the youngest of kids love to visit family. My girls have tried to convince me for a week we need to go visit Nama and Papa.

5. Outdoor play equipment

Looking around I see some amazing playhouses/ clubhouse, swing sets, pools, and so on that all seem to run in the hundreds of dollars. This is not to say you can’t find some great deals, but still it would be prudent to save up for a bit for when that deal changes or is unavailable when you try to use it. For example I had a neighbor willing to give me their old swing set for free, but when I went to arrange a time to get it, turns out someone had agreed to pay them for it. I honestly couldn’t fault them for wanting to get money for it (it is in great shape.) I was just disappointed that we lost out on that deal. I still plan on saving and getting my girls a play set yet!




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