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Review of Egg-Shaped Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats

This weekend I attempted something I have seen floating around on both pinterest and Facebook: Egg Shaped Rice Krispy Treats. Now I did decided to go extra special in doing so and make them cake-batter flavored. We love cake-batter flavored Rice Krispy Treats. When I make them they go faster than most any other dessert that I make. So naturally I thought it would be fun to have them in an Egg shape for Easter.


Well let me tell you the egg shape was a bust. I found out just how messy it is to put them in the eggs. I also forgot to use non-stick spray. So the eggs stuck to the plastic shells. From there I could not get the two halves of the egg to form together into one solid egg.

My verdict: The egg-shaped Rice Krispy treats are not worth the hassle.

I took my remaining batter and simply formed your traditional Rice Krispy Treats. If you are looking for a tasty recipe that is a little different from normal and sure to be a big hit check out Gimme Some Oven.

***What are some recipes that you have been excited to try that just did not work out for you?***

Spring on the Farm

Recently I lost the joy in writing I have been writing along a series Fruit of the Spirit. I think there is much that even I can learn from the series, but I think it might time to put it aside for now and write from the heart for a bit. Perhaps by writing what is on my heart and mind I will be able to find some of that joy and passion again.

As spring is arriving in Northern Alabama life is changing around the Russell household. Planting has begun in the small greenhouse. My laundry room is being taken over by seedlings. Baby chicks are taking up residence in the master bedroom. We have even said goodbye to Chloe’s chicken, Tinker Bell.

Spring on the Farm

Rusty has taken on a number of projects around the property. If you wandered around you would find the new chicken coop he is building, and the large greenhouse he is assembling. The back yard now has a small fenced in area for the dogs, now if only we could find all their escape routes from it. The CNC machine is coming along, and the business along with it.

We have even brought in a new member to the household, my sister-in-law, Samantha. She is staying with us for at least the next few months. I have to say the extra set of hands has been a godsend.

Spring on the Farm

Rusty and Chloe working on the frame for the large greenhouse.

I have been managing the chaos of this place the best I can. If you  were to peek in on me, you would find me: cooking, cleaning, teaching, writing, building my BeachBody business, and tending to our little farm. In the midst of all that chaos comes challenges with health  (not only my own hurdles, but for the family as well.)

***What is new in your world?***



The Dinner That Wasn’t: The Tale of The Bloody Bird

So I wanted to share with you a recipe for Honey Ginger Soy Chicken today, instead that will have to wait until the next time I decide to make it. For now I will regal you with my tale of kitchen flops or as I like to call it the dinner that wasn’t. Now I could entertain you with The Tale of Blackened Mashed Potatoes or perhaps Catching Fire: Birthday Cake Edition. Instead this is The Tale of The Bloody Bird.

I had peeled the skin off before I had realized it was under-cooked  in an effort to get a decent picture. But yep I am the woman who burnt the skin and under-cooked the bird, this time.

I had peeled the skin off before I had realized it was under-cooked to get a decent picture. But yep I am the woman who burnt the skin and under-cooked the bird, this time.

I plan my meals out in two-week intervals. The meals are set on my weekly calendar/ to-do list in my kitchen. One would assume that this arrangement lends itself to pre-planning and well executed preparations. Alas that is often not the case with me, especially in this instance.

If things had been well executed or even considered ahead of time I would have had the chicken marinating the night before. Or at the least I would have had the chicken thawed out ahead of time. Instead I was pulling frozen chicken out of the freeze at 2 pm today. I figured I had a couple of hours the it could sorta marinate, and then I could cook it low and slow in the oven.

Well my afternoon got away from. I put the chicken quarters in the oven much later than I would have wanted, 5 pm. A half hour into it I am struggling with the dinner time crankies. Those of both myself and the children. That is when things go sideways. I cut my time little short. I crank up the time on the oven and in rush to get to dinner on the table I forget to temp the bird all together. Needless to say it was not pretty.

Moral of the story: Plan. And if you find that it is day of for a chicken meal and the chicken is not thawed switch with another meal that is more forgiving. Well that and see no one has it all together all of the time.

Confessional Time: Instead of A Recipe A Glimpse Into Our (Sorta) Farm Life.

Alright it is confessional time. I had big plans of sharing a recipe for you today, but alas with the weekend that I had it did not come together. Honestly I barely had time to cook. We had 1 home cooked dinner in 4 nights, and 2 of those nights we had Little Caesar’s Pizza. So instead of  sharing a recipe or something for the kids with you today I decided to show you what the hubby and I have been up to for the last 3 days.

***What did you do with your weekend?***

Women Living Well- A Review and A Giveaway!

Women Living Well

Women living well, now isn’t that something each of us ladies longs to do? We want to live well in our roles as wife, mother, homemaker, and most importantly daughter of the King. The answer to that question so often seems elusive. We throw ourselves fully into the role of motherhood and then wonder why our marriages suffer. Or we stress having the perfect house at the expense of relationship with our family. Maybe instead we are the ‘perfect’ wife, mother, and homemaker, but our lives still feel empty for some reason.

That reason is because our lives are out of balance. In Courtney Joseph’s new book Women Living Well, she addresses these things. As she writes, she points you toward the one who will help you live well. Courtney encourages you to put first God, then your husband, and then your children. Her writing is easy, friendly, and loving. As you read through the book you will find yourself being led back to the bible to show you the principles that should look the same for all of us.

As I was reading Women Living Well, I found myself greatly encouraged. There was not a section that didn’t touch my heart. Although for me there were two stand out sections that I just soaked up: Your Walk With The King and Your Parenting. Reading through the section, Your Walk With The King, has encouraged me to devote my quiet time each morning to reading my bible and praying. Yes there are 1000 other things I could do with it, but when I do that I walk away refreshed, recharged, and with a sense of peace. Reading the section, Your Parenting, two things stuck out to me. One was breaking the generational cycle of sin in a family. The other was the difference between teaching and training your children.

I feel blessed having been given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book. It feels like I have been let in on a little secret that I now get to share with each of you. I highly encourage you to go buy a copy or two today. (It would make a wonderful gift.)

Not only was I given the opportunity to read the book in advance, I am also being given the opportunity to give away a signed copy of the book! For the record the geek in me is doing a little dance for the winner of the giveaway already, and is a little jealous. Even with all the books I own and love to date, I still have yet to have a signed copy of a book.

Now the giveaway will run until through next week Wednesday.

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Welcome to My Home

With all my talk over the last couple months about preparing for a move, moving, unpacking, and getting settled in to my new home, I thought I would take some time to show you around my home today. (Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Thank you for taking a virtual tour. Now dear friends if you ever want to visit me for real my door is always open. Please just call first to make sure we will be home.