Dear Sweet Tired Mama of Little Ones

I had wanted to write something deep and meaningful that you could take to heart and reflect on. Everything I was trying to say kept coming out wrong. I tried to write a piece that was encouraging to those parents struggling with the sleepless nights and the worry that invades the dreams that do come when your children are sick. I wanted to express how a sick child can bring even those far from God to their knees, but still those words were not coming.

My Sick Little Ones

My Sick Little Ones


The only thing I have for you is this short letter:

Dear Sweet Tired Mama of sick little ones,

I know you are tired. I have been there. The sleepless nights. The waking up every time your child stirs just to make sure they are still breathing. Your child may never remember that you were there for them on nights like this but they will remember they were loved. Keep on loving them.

I have been there in the trenches as the child is getting sick and the only thing we have to offer is our hands to catch the vomit. It happens. It doesn’t really help anything, but it is one way to show your child you will do anything for them.  Granted when they are done you will have to clean not only your child but yourself as well. 

Don’t feel guilty if when they are sick you let them eat nothing but ice cream and crackers all day. When they are sick sometimes it is just enough to see they eat a little something, no matter what that something is. When their stomachs start to feel better you can try for a more varied diet. 

Remember though no matter how far away your friends and family may be during these long days there is always someone who is never far, God. Call out to him. Pour your heart out. Your words need not be fancy, he is willing to listen. If you open the Bible and give The Lord half a chance he will speak to your heart. He knows what it means to tend to sick little ones.The new testament is full of stories of Jesus healing the sick. I believe that when he saw the people of this world sick it grieved him just as much as it grieves you to see your child sick. And at the end of the day reach out via phone or internet to your friends and family. 

While you are busy tending to the little ones, don’t forget to take care of yourself. You need your rest and you need proper nutrition. You even need to spend some time nourishing your soul. A worn out frazzled Momma who has burnt her candle from both end will not do her children any good.

I know you are doing your best. You are loving them the best you can. Just keep on loving them and being the best Momma you can be.



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