How I Came Around to Homeschooling

Sometimes it feels like I had a little birdie chirping in my ear about homeschooling, long before I had any children. At first, I was extremely resistant to the idea. It was for other people, strange weirdos, but not for me.  It was for parents who were highly educated themselves, not just anyone could do it. Really, how could a child ever socialize enough if the only people he or she saw were family members? I surely did not have  THAT much patience for educating and raising my future children.

This gives me a chuckle and I thought was appropriate here.  (source: Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division from a Pinterest link they found.)

This gives me a chuckle and I thought was right here.
(Source: Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division via a Pinterest link they found.)

One day the ‘buts’ and the ‘well maybes’ started to creep into my thoughts. But my mother’s cousin homeschooled, and her kids were always well-mannered and polite. Well maybe the flexibility to set your own schedule and take vacations when you want, not based on a particular school calendar wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe  if she is doing it then it isn’t as weird as I thought, but then again her family is pretty odd. (Looking back I have to say ‘her’ family was no stranger than mine is now.)

I was still had plenty of reservations. I was sure with more than two kids I would need the break, especially since my husband travels for work. What about my patience, could I be that patient day in and day out? I was convinced, I would never be able to write an adequate enough curriculum on my own.

Then one day it happened. I was sitting down with my two oldest at the kitchen table. They wanted to continue to color, but they were starting to get bored with what was in front of them. So I created a coloring sheet for them. They loved it! I was excited that I was able to work with them so simply, and still teach them new concepts in a way that entertained.  I ran down the stairs to the basement excited to tell my husband, that I thought it was even a possibility for me.

Chloe working on one of her homemade worksheets.

Chloe working on one of her homemade worksheets.

Upon opening up on Facebook, that I was considering this, I had expected much criticism. Instead, I received lots of encouragement and probably some of the best advice I have been given regarding this decision. I was told to research, research, and research some more.

So that is what I did. I continued to teach the girls during the day. During nap time and bed time, I would scour the internet for blogs, resources, local groups, and any other resource I could think of.

I learned that there are many curriculum choices available, for the homeschooling parent. I also started to see that there are about as many ways to homeschool as there are parents doing it. I also took the time to learn about the laws in my state. I went to a homeschool conference. I met some amazing families, heard some amazing people speak. Received some encouragement that convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt not only could I do this but that this was the road God was calling me down.


The conference I went to in the spring.

The conference I went to in the spring.

One of the biggest things I took from the conference: none of these parents felt they were exceptionally patient. They each had their own struggles. There will be tough days, but the rewards seem to out weigh any of the drawbacks. I also learned that, while homeschooling is within the reach of every parent, it is just not the right fit for everyone, and that is okay. This is my story of how I came around to homeschooling.

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  1. adelientan

    I had the same experience with you, but I think harder challenge. Homeschooling still hasn’t had strong foundation of law in my country. Anyway, we just did it. We believe that God bless us and will never leave us.


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