“I no like you, Mommy!”

In the interest of full disclosure I want to say that I have recently taken to writing these blog entries the night before they are published. That being said tonight has been a rough night in my house. I want to talk about it because as I share thoughts and wisdom I have collected about children I don’t want you to think I have it all together. I am still learning and growing too. I also have nights where things have gone so poorly that my three year old yells, “I no like you, Mommy!” Those words may not sound like much but they still hold a powerful punch, especially considering she uses like and love interchangeably, when dealing with family. They are even more powerful when I am struggling with liking myself, because I had a temper tantrum at the same time as my preschooler. I no like you Mommy I decided the best thing I could do for her tonight was apologize for my behavior, and just be there for her while she was angry and trying to fall asleep. As I sat there and listened to her spew, about wanting me to stay behind when we move, how she doesn’t like/ love me, and how I should just go away. It wasn’t easy to listen to. It occurred to me though, as I was listening to her, how much this is often how we treat God. His love is patient and kind, though. He is slow to anger. (1 Corinthians 13: 4&5) When we are upset and spewing at him, about what we feel he has or hasn’t done in our lives, you will not find him having a temper tantrum of his own. We show him blatant disrespect each day and still, he is there for us, ready and willing to accept everyone who is ready to turn to him. I thought on this a little more and all I can pray is I can show my daughter’s even a fraction of that sort of love. If I can show them how I am working through my own unhealthy habits then maybe I won’t pass them down. Maybe then my children will never have a temper tantrum of their own when their children yell, “I no like you, Mommy!”

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