My Transition In a Nutshell

This post is late in coming today due to a comedy of errors and being extra busy trying to move out of the old house. I had wanted to talk to you about homeschooling through transition, but I think I will save that post for next week. Instead today I just want to explain a little bit about the transition my life is going through.


As you all know by now I have been planning a big move. I have spent the last week packing my family up. The kids and I saw my husband and many of our belongings off last week Thursday. It was a very emotional day for all of us. The kids didn’t understand why they couldn’t go with Daddy, and we found it difficult saying good-bye not knowing how soon we would be together again. After he left I continued my journey on packing the house.

Monday, yesterday, the movers arrived. They came and they packed the house. I was busy with the movers and loading of my own until almost six at night. My two oldest girls left with their grandparents ahead of me. I eventually settled in to a hotel, since I needed to go back to the empty house in the morning. I figured at the hotel I would finally get to write my post. Alas writing was not in the cards for me.

I was on the phone with tech support trying to get the computer to connect to the hotel’s internet till 10 something at night. At that point I told them I thought it was just not meant to be and I planned on going to bed. Little ole me thought things would still be ok and I would get to write my post early in the afternoon today.

My morning went well enough. This took a little longer with the house than I had planned but I was happy when I left. It looks like the landlord might actually sign a tenant for the house and I can get the security deposit back. I was on the road by 12:30. At 13:30 I got a phone call. “Sara, the hotel just called me. You forgot something. You need to turn around and go get it. If I am getting a call saying you forgot something it must be important.”

So I turn around and drive an hour back to the area I had just left. It is a good thing I did. As it turns out I forgot ALL my important documents: social security cards, car titles, marriage license, birth certificates, and so on. I thank God that there are honest people in this world. I am ever so appreciative that I got it all back. I didn’t even know it had fallen out of my bag.

When I finally arrived at my parent’s house it was just in time for dinner. By the time I was done taking care of pets, kids, and tummies it was later than I wanted.

Wish me luck and maybe I can get my act together and have my recipe up in a timely fashion tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed my transition, thus far, in a nutshell.


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