Recipe For Burn Out

I am facing a recipe for burn out if I am not careful. Let me explain more fully why I bring this up.

A Recipe for Burn Out

Recently we have been blessed with an amazing new opportunity. Rusty gets to start a new job that will allow him to be home each day with us. This is the first time since we have been married that he will have a job that allows him to do this.

Before we can be all together though, we must spend some more time apart. Rusty will be moving to Alabama ahead of the girls and myself to start work and to house hunt. We will be staying here to pack and bide time until he is ready  to send for us.

This means while he is gone I will try to continue life as normally as possible for the girls. I will continue to teach them, go to the park, and if we are lucky maybe even have some play dates. I will need to do the single parent style parenting for a couple of months. (While I will not actually be a single parent, I will be the sole caretaker for a while.) I even plan on blogging through all this. Although if I haven’t written in a while, can you send someone to look for me to make sure I am not curled up in a corner, just rocking back and forth? 😉

Reflecting upon all these points, praying what to do about the blog. I had considered just taking a break from writing all together. That didn’t feel right though, especially considering I feel like I am just getting this started. I thought about writing every other day. That didn’t seem right either. (I am the one who would be likely to forget then, what days I am supposed to write and not.)

I finally decided that I will cut back to three posts per week starting next week, to avoid that recipe for burn out. You can expect that my posts will be Monday through Wednesday. I will still have a recipe post each week so that will be my third post each week. If this still seems like a little much for me to keep up I will reevaluate a little later down the road.



3 thoughts on “Recipe For Burn Out

  1. Brittany

    Congratulations to all of you on the new job! I’m glad you’re going to continue blogging through your single parent time. Praying for grace for you, wonderful new friends in Alabama, and for the house hunt & separation to be quick.

    1. Sara R. Post author

      Thank you. I appreciate the prayers. We are really excited about this transition. It will just be challenging as we are transitioning.


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