I Might Be Stuck For Words, But I Still Want to Encourage You.

I have writer’s block this writing thing is no fun at the moment. Heck, I was struggling at the end of November. I was hoping a one month break I would be able to walk away recharge and come back ready to pour forth more encouragement and love, instead I feel more drained than ever. I feel like I have less to give than when December began. I have sat down to write or rather try to write multiple times. The words do not want to come. I feel them locked away somewhere in my brain, but there they sit, waiting. Waiting to be unleashed. Waiting to be given life.

I might be stuck for words, but I still want to encourage you.

I want to encourage you to grow in your walk with the Lord. I want to encourage the stressed out mother, that everything will be alright and provide practical solutions, but I only can muster one word, “Breathe.” I have to tell myself that every time I take the kids to the store, and every day my nerves get frazzled. I am no expert, though, on the best ways to handle stress, so when I sit down to write I get lost in remembering all my mistakes.

I yell. I scream. I disengage. I guilt. I sulk. I whine. I cry. I pout. I don’t make enough time to be that always present parent. There are days I need to drag my butt out of bed and remind myself as I am doing so that, “Yes, the kids would like to eat.” Heck half the time I write I think I am writing to myself. So there you go, now you have it the truth is not pretty. I am not a mother who has it all together. Most days I feel like I am just treading water.

Rusty will tell me how I am wonderful. He will sing my praises all day long, I love him for it. He sees the best in me. I see a woman who wants to hide away and be lazy and how if I better managed my days how I could do so much more. He sees a woman who does it all.  I am thankful for that. Some days it helps to know that someone believes in you.

So I guess after all this rambling, I do have a bit of encouragement to offer. I love you friend. I am here for you. I am here to pray with you if you need prayer. Most of all not only am I in your corner, so is the Lord. He is rooting for you. He wants you to succeed. He sees the best in you. Most of all he loves you so much, that if you were the only lost soul in the world he still would have sent his son to die for you. Turn to him today and have a heart-to-heart, I know I will.

***I know I talked about on Facebook about writing about stress or the fruit of the spirit, but right now those words are not flowing. I will continue to work on the prep for those and when the words do flow, my dear readers, you will be the first to know.***

2 thoughts on “I Might Be Stuck For Words, But I Still Want to Encourage You.

  1. Mandy

    I am so glad I am not the only going through this same issue! I am glad you are back in the swing of things, it encourages me to do the same!


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