Sweet Words and Even Sweeter Hearts During Bedtime Prayers

Each night before bed my husband or myself says bedtime prayers with our girls. It is a sweet time, especially now as their vocabularies are starting to expand. It gives me such insight into what is going on in their hearts and what they found important from their day.

Bedtime Prayers

My oldest likes to pray for daddy every chance she gets. She prays, “Daddy home, please.” (Translated as: Bring Daddy home, please.) “Daddy home now, thank you.” She will also go through and list every family member and friend she can think of and ask for blessings for them and thank God for them. Sometimes she prays for her owies to go bu-bye or perhaps just for sleep. I think one of my favorite requests she has put before God was tonight. She prayed for our friends’ chickens and their garden.

My middle daughter still mostly lets us pray and she repeats what we say. That is until we start asking for blessing for the family. Then she has to name her favorite people off. It usually goes something like this “Mannie, Daddy, Mannie, Nama, Papa, Ama, Mannie, Papa, Nama, Papa, Nama, Mommy, Mannie, Ama, Papa, Nama, Daddy, oh…. ya… Cloa!”

Bedtime prayers are a great way for children, not only my own, to remember their blessings and remember to thank the one from whom all blessings flow. In my experience it is also a great vehicle to enforce the idea that God has them in his arms and he plans on keeping all the monsters away. I mention this because I have used this time to explain that they don’t have to be afraid, because as The Veggie Tales say, “God is bigger than the boogie man.”


***What are some of the sweetest things you have heard your little ones say during prayers?***


2 thoughts on “Sweet Words and Even Sweeter Hearts During Bedtime Prayers

  1. ladybugmom

    My at the time nearly 3yr old daughter said her prayers and then said “and thank you God for not letting it rain so I could play outside”


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