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Happy Birthday!!!

So yesterday was my 30th birthday! I had a wonderful day. My husband didn’t go and buy me a gift. I didn’t have a big blowout birthday bash. We didn’t have a special date to some fancy restaurant. In fact in was an ordinary day, aside from a birthday cake and song. Why then was it so wonderful? I got to spend it with my husband! For those of you who don’t know or don’t understand, we have only spent 2 prior birthdays together in the last ten years. At the end of the day, spending my birthday with him was the only thing I really wanted, and my wish came true.

The other big news in my life right now is we have finally made it to Alabama. We even unloaded the trailer full of stuff Rusty brought down here with him. (Now we just need to wait on the delivery of the rest of our household goods.) The house he found for us to rent is absolutely beautiful and the property it sits on is even more beautiful. One of the more exciting aspects of it too me is that the owner has agreed to let us turn a portion into a garden and let us have chickens. 🙂

Happy Birthday!

Sitting on a swing at our new home

Until the house is a little closer to ready for us to move into we are staying with some friends. I think they are just so sweet for letting us stay here. Our girls are enjoying staying with them. For them it is great fun. Our friends have three young girls who range in age from 8-5, so my little ones look up to them, and think everything the big girls are doing is great. There is also a pool here and in the words of Paige, “Yay, water park!”

Happy Birthday!

My fishies!

So yesterday after unloading the trailer we came back and my little fishies and their daddy fishy went swimming. If I hadn’t been so exhausted I probably would have joined them. Instead Madelyn and I relaxed poolside. I also was able to get some really adorable pictures.

The day concluded with tacos for dinner and our friends also got cake and ice cream to help me celebrate my birthday. Everyone gathered in the kitchen and sang happy birthday. It was probably sang in 4 or more keys, but it was music to my ears. It was the sound of friends and family wishing me a happy birthday.

Today I am thankful to the Lord for the blessings of home, family, and friends. It was those three blessings that made my day so special.


Homeschooling Through Transitions

In last week’s post I promised that this week we would discuss homeschooling through transitions. So here is that promised post, and another look into our homeschool.

One of the things I like best about homeschooling my girls is the flexibility it allows me. Currently we are in the middle of a big move and our homeschooling experience looks different from what it did a in the spring, or even over the summer. I really need the flexibility right now that I said I like.

When you are packing, traveling, visiting relatives, and unpacking it is hard enough to keep anything that looks like routine, let alone homeschool. I have found though, when we completely give up a habit (especially those that are healthy) it is that much more difficult for us to return to. The problem with that though, is I can not keep up with our normal activities and stay on top of the move.

Homeschooling Through Transitions

A little self-directed play time, all while working on skills.

4 Things I am doing in our Homeschool, while we are in transition:

1. Reducing the number of days a week we are doing school. If we know that we only have to get in school three days of the week we can work around the curve balls that moving likes to throw.

2. Focusing on the basics. This means arts and crafts, and science are taking a back seat right now. The girls are two and three, the more important things right now are play time, and learning: numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, and expanding vocabulary.

3. To reach our objectives, I am looking at methods and programs that can do more than one thing at a time. For example building with blocks we can play, discuss colors, count the blocks in our structures, and I can build things and see if the girls can repeat what I just made.

4. Last but not least, the one thing I am making a point of not sacrificing  is story time. Story time doesn’t need to be a long drawn out affair to be effective, just as long as we spend quality time reading together.

Curious George is a big favorite with my girls.




***During times of transition, such as the birth of a new child, a move, major illness, etc…, how does your family handle school? Do you take a break for a season and then pick back up? Do you find another solution that has not crossed my mind? Or perhaps you send your kids to school, so then how does your family handle the increased pressures of such times?***

My Transition In a Nutshell

This post is late in coming today due to a comedy of errors and being extra busy trying to move out of the old house. I had wanted to talk to you about homeschooling through transition, but I think I will save that post for next week. Instead today I just want to explain a little bit about the transition my life is going through.


As you all know by now I have been planning a big move. I have spent the last week packing my family up. The kids and I saw my husband and many of our belongings off last week Thursday. It was a very emotional day for all of us. The kids didn’t understand why they couldn’t go with Daddy, and we found it difficult saying good-bye not knowing how soon we would be together again. After he left I continued my journey on packing the house.

Monday, yesterday, the movers arrived. They came and they packed the house. I was busy with the movers and loading of my own until almost six at night. My two oldest girls left with their grandparents ahead of me. I eventually settled in to a hotel, since I needed to go back to the empty house in the morning. I figured at the hotel I would finally get to write my post. Alas writing was not in the cards for me.

I was on the phone with tech support trying to get the computer to connect to the hotel’s internet till 10 something at night. At that point I told them I thought it was just not meant to be and I planned on going to bed. Little ole me thought things would still be ok and I would get to write my post early in the afternoon today.

My morning went well enough. This took a little longer with the house than I had planned but I was happy when I left. It looks like the landlord might actually sign a tenant for the house and I can get the security deposit back. I was on the road by 12:30. At 13:30 I got a phone call. “Sara, the hotel just called me. You forgot something. You need to turn around and go get it. If I am getting a call saying you forgot something it must be important.”

So I turn around and drive an hour back to the area I had just left. It is a good thing I did. As it turns out I forgot ALL my important documents: social security cards, car titles, marriage license, birth certificates, and so on. I thank God that there are honest people in this world. I am ever so appreciative that I got it all back. I didn’t even know it had fallen out of my bag.

When I finally arrived at my parent’s house it was just in time for dinner. By the time I was done taking care of pets, kids, and tummies it was later than I wanted.

Wish me luck and maybe I can get my act together and have my recipe up in a timely fashion tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed my transition, thus far, in a nutshell.


Decluttering and His Vision for the Future

So Rusty is looking at a possible career shift. I wouldn’t say a complete change because it is still up the repairing technology alley. If he gets the job he is looking at, it will mean another move for us. This possible move has lit a real fire under my tush. I am going crazy decluttering my house. So far, I have 6-7 large kitchen bags of items to donate, a stroller, and a pack and play.

My car full of everything I now get to take to the local Salvation Army.

My car full of everything I now get to take to the local Salvation Army.

I am just tired of moving though. Even more than that I am tired of move junk, hence the decluttering. I feel like in the last few years all we have really done is move much of our junk from house to apartment to house with out really looking at it and with out properly decluttering. When we moved into this house I had told Rusty I hadn’t wanted to move again in a year, although now moving looks like a distinct possibility.

Instead of nagging my loving husband about the fact we could be moving again, I am embracing it. I am looking at the positive aspects. I am encouraging him. I am trying to follow his lead. Rusty can not be the leader of our home if I am trying to pull the reigns away from him. Instead I am trying to get his vision for the future, and see how this possible shift can play into the plan God has for us.