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School Evolves With Spring

Spring has arrived in Alabama.

The kids are more easily distracted from book work. The lure of a warm sunny day calls to them. It beckons to be played in, and discovered. So with that our lessons evolve from snugly days reading, afternoons coloring, regular crafting, and page after page workbook lessons to a world of discovery outdoors.

School Evolves With Spring

Paige’s craft from when we discussed chickens.

We are discovering animals  anew. Long walks lead to a discussion on cows, and their nature. An introduction of the baby chicken to their new environment, begins a discussion of life cycles. The planting of seedlings produces a wonder in the cycle of life that the Lord has created. The children marvel at how a seed so small can grow so large, which again open the door for more discussion.

School Evolves With Spring

The baby chicks around 1 week old.

Teamwork and diligence are demonstrated as a green house is being assembled. The value of hard work is being passed on to the next generation.

School Evolves With Spring

Rusty and a family friend working on the frame for our large greenhouse.

Playtime out doors brings its own lessons. Creativity and imagination develop as they turn an old box into their play house. They learn the value of sharing when there are three of them and one softball bat. New skills are being discovered as they are roller skating, riding bikes, and learning to climb trees.

The lessons don’t stop because the weather is warm. They simply evolve.

There is time enough for book work and crafting when the weather is  poor. So while the sun shines I will let them play, for in play they are still learning.

What are some ways that you can inspire learning outdoors where you live?

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Spring on the Farm

Recently I lost the joy in writing I have been writing along a series Fruit of the Spirit. I think there is much that even I can learn from the series, but I think it might time to put it aside for now and write from the heart for a bit. Perhaps by writing what is on my heart and mind I will be able to find some of that joy and passion again.

As spring is arriving in Northern Alabama life is changing around the Russell household. Planting has begun in the small greenhouse. My laundry room is being taken over by seedlings. Baby chicks are taking up residence in the master bedroom. We have even said goodbye to Chloe’s chicken, Tinker Bell.

Spring on the Farm

Rusty has taken on a number of projects around the property. If you wandered around you would find the new chicken coop he is building, and the large greenhouse he is assembling. The back yard now has a small fenced in area for the dogs, now if only we could find all their escape routes from it. The CNC machine is coming along, and the business along with it.

We have even brought in a new member to the household, my sister-in-law, Samantha. She is staying with us for at least the next few months. I have to say the extra set of hands has been a godsend.

Spring on the Farm

Rusty and Chloe working on the frame for the large greenhouse.

I have been managing the chaos of this place the best I can. If you  were to peek in on me, you would find me: cooking, cleaning, teaching, writing, building my BeachBody business, and tending to our little farm. In the midst of all that chaos comes challenges with health  (not only my own hurdles, but for the family as well.)

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