Valentine’s Day Sun Catcher and Giveaway

***Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This just means I get a small referral rate paid out to be for each item purchased using a link (not all the links.) I also promise to only endorse products I fully believe in and any comments related to the products are 100% my own, unless otherwise stated.*** Getting ready to write the post for today I noticed that this will have been the 10oth post I have a published. It is a small milestone, but a milestone none the less. I just thought I would share that observation, before sharing today’s craft.

Valentine's Day Sun Catcher and Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Sun Catcher



  • Tissue Paper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Single sided self-laminating sheets



  1. Cut your tissue paper in 1×1 squares to 2×2 squares . (You could cut other shapes as well but use your sizes for squares as a guide for rough sizes of the other shapes.)
  2. Using your marker draw a heart on one of the self-laminating sheets.
  3. Peel off top strip of the back off the self laminating sheets and using painter’s tape secure the sheet to the table there. Finish peeling off the rest of the backing and secure at the bottom edge using more painter’s tape.
  4. Now that the project is set up invite your toddler or preschooler in the room.(Those are the ages I have found enjoy this most. I have done this with a child as old as six and as young as a 18 months.)
  5. The child can stick the tissue paper anywhere on the self-laminating sheet, but the only part you will need will be the part inside the heart. Let them place tissue paper till their hearts are content.
  6. When they are finished, peel the bottom strip of painter’s tape off.
  7. Peel the backing of a second self-laminating sheet, and gently secure it to the back of the one your child has been working on.
  8. Carefully remove your sun catcher from the table (it will still be secured by the top strip of tape.)
  9. Cut the heart shape out.
  10. Now you will have a heart-shaped sun catcher.  (How to hang them will be your call. I simply use shipping tape and tape them to a window. Although you could get a hole punch, punch two holes, and then string some yarn between the holes.)

Have fun and enjoy the beautiful colors.   Now in celebration of 100 posts I would like to offer a giveaway. In this giveaway I will be offering two books and .

Desperate is a joint effort by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae each lady has a way of writing that speaks to the heart and encourages the soul. In their book Desperate they are seeking to encourage the desperate mom, the one who feels alone, who is stressed to her max,  and just needing to feel a little less alone. It is a book that speaks to the heart of every mother whether you are a brand new mother or a veteran mom of many, because at times we all need a breathe of fresh air and encouragement.

Under the Sun Giveaway

Educating the WholeHearted Child was wrote by Clay and Sally Clarkson. It was wrote with the homeschooling family in mind. Even if you are not homeschooling or not planning on it, this a book that I would recommend to every family, because every parent is a teacher and every home a classroom. It will provide a comprehensive over view of using real books and real life to nurture the heart, soul, and mind of your child. Quoting the description on Amazon, “Whether you are a first-time homeschooler or a longtime veteran, this comprehensive guide will equip and empower you for your journey of faith as a family. Discover the joy of bringing relationship-based, book-centered learning into the natural daily life of your home.”

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