Writing, My Day, and Big News

So I have started and stopped writing here on several occasions. I have had big plans. Now I lay those plans to rest and I purpose just to write. Honestly when I write for viewership, or what I think will be of interest to others it drains me. On the other hand when I write  for myself it refills me. I think part of my problem with starting this blog back up again is not understanding the difference.

Today was a day full of run, run, run. From the moment I got up I knew I had a list that was extensive that I needed to get done. Still I stopped this morning and had a few quiet moments alone with God. In those moments, I found the peace I needed to step forward into my day.

I so appreciated that peace by lunch time, because by then I had done almost a comically long list of tasks. I had set up my five year old with ABCMouse so she could get some school in today. I collected eggs, folded some laundry, found my almost 2-year old eating toothpaste. I think the girls and I picked up the same mess 3 different times. I made breakfast, and had lunch in the works, while I was trying to get us out the door.

See today I had an appointment with a maternal fetal medicine doctor. (Due to personal and family history my OB wants to follow me a little more closely, but did not feel I was high risk.) This appointment meant that not only did I have a 40 minute drive to go see the specialist, I also had to get the kids to the babysitter’s place. Well between my attempts to keep moving us along and mostly I think due to the grace of God I made it to my appointment on time.

In fact when I finally arrived today, they asked if I would mind pushing back my appointment by 15-20 minutes. A lady who had the appointment right after mine, had her husband going into surgery at the same time as her appointment and wanted to be there for him when he went in. I said no problem. I understand. In fact the extra time gave me time to read and breathe.

Overall, my appointment went well. Baby is looking healthy, but is bigger than they were looking for to run some of the tests. So I will need to go back in two weeks so we can run some different tests that look for the same thing, but in a different way. I also received some really exciting news. The ultrasound tech and the doctor both agree that my newest little one will be a boy. The tech said it is still a little early to say with 100% certainty, but she felt that there was, “too much between the legs,” for her to want to say girl.

So finally after three girls our family will be welcoming a little boy. We are excited, because he will be a welcome change. I love the pink and girly but I am ready for something different. Rusty is excited that he will no longer be quite so out numbered. In the end though if for some reason the doctor and the tech are wrong we will be still happy to welcome more pink into our world.

The rest of my day was a flurry of getting the kids, going to speech therapy, making dinner, bed time routines, and fussy babes. So then for me to say at this point I am exhausted and thankful for stillness, feels like an understatement.

Good night.



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